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The LIMESTONESHIRE retirement home is a residential facility for the Elderly or individuals with accessibility needs.

Centrally located in South Reno, by South Virginia Street and Longley Lane.    
7474 Limestone Dr., Reno, NV 89511 - Phone: 775-852-5870 - gill.cariaga@limestoneshire.com
The Nevada State Health Division graded this facility a score of "A" based on compliance with regulations 6 years in a row. 
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1 Private Room - Male or Female

Please call (775)772-9849(775)772-9849
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& to schedule a tour.
She takes a holistic approach to caring for others, watching for any slight shift in what otherwise would be routine.  Nanette is the head chef and ensures that a meal tastes delicious while catering to nutritional needs. She is a great conversationalist with patrons and never forces anyone to eat in a hurry because the kitchen is always open. She brings joy and happiness to the dining room and the feeling of being surrounded by a loving family.  The staff is energetic, motivated, empathetic, very caring, and do not waiver when performing their daily tasks.

Our mother Joan was a resident and friend of the Limestoneshire family for two years. She was given impeccable care.  Limestoneshire was aware of how difficult it is to observe a parent who is struggling and did not pass judgment regarding family reactions or interactions. Maria and her team went above and beyond the call of duty to address our mother’s needs at all times. She treated our mother as a family member and would often take her to a doctor’s appointment and then surprise her with a Chinese lunch, which really pleased our mom.  We cannot praise our extended family at Limestoneshire enough; they are truly living angels. We are extremely grateful to Limestoneshire for surrounding our mother with love and excellent care.


The Brussa Family
Reno, NV
The family atmosphere that is portrayed at Limestoneshire is genuine.  The warm and caring staff is comprised of gentle individuals who work well together as a team.  They quietly respect human beings, affording relatives dignity in their daily lives.

The residents are their primary concern and they remain consistent in their focus throughout the night time hours.

They treat bathing, being clothed, doctor’s visits, etc. as a part of the process and residents are treated as part of the family. When health or emotional problems arise, Limestoneshire is professional and quick to respond. There is a feeling of peace that is well-established.

Maria is extremely observant and you will never need to worry that a major problem, such as a reaction to a medication would go unnoticed.
"A Safe Haven"
November 28, 2011

The Limestoneshire Retirement Home
7474 Limestone Drive
Reno, Nevada 89511

To Whom It May Concern:

The first thing that will probably occur to a person driving up to inspect Limestoneshire is that they will not see a cold, sterile building instead they will find a traditional home in a quiet neighborhood.  It is a relief to know that a parent who can no longer reside in their own home will not be subjected to living in a hospital-type environment.

When entering the residence, you will smell the familiar scents of a home-cooked meal, and coffee or tea being brewed, contrary to the assault of cleaning fluids of the twenty clinical ‘warehouse-style’ retirement homes that you probably previously visited before reaching this safe haven.