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I can’t thank you all the caring caregivers that took care of my Dad at Limestoneshire. I will see you guys soon, God bless and if there is anything I can ever do to help please call me.

May God continue to bless and provide for the Limestoneshire Group Home.

God bless you all,

Mr. Scott C.
Son of Mr. Richard C.
Sparks, Nevada

May 11, 2010

My father was a resident at Limestoneshire Group Home. He was well taken care of and because of this I was able to take comfort and rest in knowing that his needs were being met, when I couldn't be there.

It is important that our loved ones are in a loving and caring environment in their time of need.  My father built close relationships with the owners and caregivers there. 

I am very thankful knowing that in my fathers last years he was treated with respect, gentleness, kindness and love and most importantly he knew that he was loved by those caring for him.

June 1, 2010


My father had lived in Reno for the past 10 years.  He came up from southern California to live with my sister and as time went on his health began to fail.  My sister became very ill in August of 2009 and was hospitalized.  At the same time my father was hospitalized as well.  He was released to return home.  However, my sister remained in the hospital until her death that November.  Still living in southern California I became responsible for my 94 year old father.

My father’s physician recommended that he be placed at Limestoneshire Group Home.  My father began to flourish.  His health improved and the level of care he received was outstanding.  Most importantly he was happy.  My family felt relief in that he was not only well cared for, but he was loved by the owner and director, Maria and her care giving staff.

I also need to share how grateful I am to Maria.  Not only is she a loving and caring woman, but she went the “extra mile” for me when I needed mercy and understanding in caring for my elderly father.

She cried like a baby when “grandpa” left to go home to California with his son.

I do not hesitate to recommend the Limestoneshire Group Home.  Each family must make that decision individually so that they feel comfortable with the care of their loved one.  I can only tell you that my father received quality, loving care at Limestoneshire Group Home when his family could no longer provide the level of care he needed and so richly deserved.  Indeed, Limestoneshire Group Home was an answer to our prayers!

Mr. Dennis B.
Son of Mr. Cullen B.
Yucaipa, CA